Our strategic
service offering

Strategic Offering

Our strategic
service offering

Bearfish provides a range of high-quality strategic services, with the capability to assist any size enterprise through the planning and implementation life-cycle, whatever the program or project. Whether it is designing and implementing a major public health survey, like the Safely Home Road Safety Survey, or developing, implementing and managing a program for Whole of Government intervention in Covid-19 Hotspot Areas, Bearfish has the capabilities to ensure impactful delivery that makes a difference.

Solving complex,
deep rooted problems with agility

Collaborate Understand Collect

We solve problems with roots in human behaviour; that involve policy and intervention development, execution and monitoring that require large scale community buy-in; and that require people from different sectors to work together. Many of the problems we solve are socio economic in nature or relate to public health. To solve these problems we always start by listening to our clients and the communities they serve before we embark on any project. We then define the problem intelligently. We then follow a systematic approach in which we uncover, grapple, execute creatively, plan & implement and monitor, pivot, evaluate and scale.



We uncover.

We apply qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to understand the issues we need to solve and ensure our strategies are aligned with these.

Research is the cornerstone, starting- and endpoint of every project. We combine and analyse empirical and existing research, providing our clients with business intelligence suited to the needs of individual projects. We manage research projects ranging from major surveys to attitudinal research and market analysis. Business intelligence makes the difference between success and failure, and Bearfish Strategic Services is uniquely positioned to provide practical, usable intelligence.

Creative and production

Creative and
production service

We execute

We develop excellent content and creative campaigns to drive home hard-hitting messages.

Our in-house production team is uniquely positioned to manage your content production needs. To date, we have produced 13 short films for our clients, as well as undertaken photography projects. From stills photography to complex productions, we are able to provide the perfect content production solution, for social media as well as traditional platforms.



We grapple.

We apply our minds and utilise our research and behaviour change best practice in order to fully grasp the issue at hand.

We can help government departments, corporates, start-ups, NGOs and other organisations to define their strategy, from values to goals, from process to outcomes. We believe that any project must line up with the overall organisational strategy, and have clear strategic pathways to achieving goals.



We communicate

We plan, execute and implement marketing campaigns across multiple platforms. We offer the full range of traditional marketing services, ensuring these are in line with current marketing trends and incorporate behavioural psychology. Our methodology is informed by market research and results in the ability to gather meaningful customer data.

Planning and production

Planning and

We plan and implement,
monitor, evaluate and scale.

We make sure that the messages we communicate are executed in the right place at the right time in order to influence change. We undertake further research to assess the impact of our programmes and interventions, and we adjust as needed.

We believe that for any project to succeed it must have clear strategic goals and be based on research data and executed meticulously. We are adept at planning because we believe that planning is central to a successful project or marketing campaign. We ensure that projects are implemented; this may require the development of new processes, or the redevelopment of existing organisational processes, which we are adept at undertaking.